Love is a Canvas

Love is a Canvas

5 thoughts on “Love is a Canvas

    1. Thank you prog, I try to keep it creative and get the audience to pause and reflect. I appreciate the positive comments you always have and hope the future posts will not disappoint!


      1. You can’t disappoint when you are doing something that you love. If you build it, people will come to it. May take some time, I know this all too well but like you, I’m doing what I love to do, writing about Prog Rock to tell people stories about what it’s like in hopes they will listen to it and expand their music repertoire somewhat. You do awesome work and I believe the term for it is… Art


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      2. Ah, just the right words at just the right time, I believe this is called…friend.
        You have the gift of conversation and you never know who’s life you may enlighten next. Always move with forward momentum! 🙂

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